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Inflatable Boat Cover


Our inflatable boat covers feature a full cut rear section, protecting your boat while leaving ample room for your outboard motor. Specially designed to fit inflatable boats.Heavy-Duty cover, ideal for short- or long-term storage Rated for highway towing use up to 100km/h. Compatible with boats stored on vertical transom.

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All Variations

Inflatable Boat Cover2.3m - 2.6m$99.90BCL-I2.3-2.6
Inflatable Boat Cover3.2m - 3.6m$139.90BCL-I3.2-3.6
Inflatable Boat Cover3.6m - 3.9m$149.90BCL-I3.6-3.9
Inflatable Boat Cover4.3m - 4.7m$189.90BCL-I4.3-4.7
Inflatable Boat Cover2.6m - 2.9m$109.90BCL-I2.6-2.9
Inflatable Boat Cover2.9m - 3.2m$119.90BCL-I2.9-3.2
Inflatable Boat Cover3.9m - 4.3m$169.90BCL-I3.9-4.3