Boat Cover – Side Consoles


With its special cut designed to fit around side consoles, these covers will fit smoothly and securely over a variety of boats. Special cut to allow room for side console. Fits boats with bow-rails up to 150mm in height and console up to 700 mm in height from Gunwale.Heavy-Duty cover, ideal for short- or long-term storage. Rated for highway towing use up to 100km/h

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All Variations

Boat Cover - Side Consoles4.1m - 4.3m$179.00BCLT-SC4.1
Boat Cover - Side Consoles4.3m - 4.5m$199.90BCLT-SC4.3
Boat Cover - Side Consoles4.7m - 5.0m$229.90BCLT-SC4.7
Boat Cover - Side Consoles5.0m - 5.3m$249.90BCLT-SC5.0
Boat Cover - Side Consoles5.3m - 5.7m$269.90BCLT-SC5.3
Boat Cover - Side Consoles4.5m - 4.7m$209.90BCLT-SC4.5