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Dometic EBERSPÄCHER D2L Diesel Heater

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Dometic Australia introduces the second generation of the Airtronic family from Eberspächer. Designed to suit most types of vehicles, the Airtronic D2L has improved temperature control, extended its impressive service life and operates more quietly.

The Airtronic ensures a pleasant, relaxing ambience. It warms the vehicle’s interior to just the right levels of comfort and has now been made even quieter thanks to its infinitely variable heat output. The new acoustically improved metering pump has also been noise-optimised, so the air heater now has a quieter operation, which means better sleep.

The new Airtronic is equipped with automatic altitude adjustment as standard. A new brushless motor has extended the service life to 5,000 hours.  That makes the second-generation Airtronic an even more reliable heating system for recreation vehicle trips.

This RV heater is controlled by the Eberspacher EasyStart Pro, the new intelligent control unit that makes controlling the heater simple and convenient with a intuitive navigation and control knob. Including a Timer Function, the desired start time and heating duration can be pre-set and up to three programming locations available.

Single outlet kit includes: D2L Heater, controller, floor mount, air ducting, vents, muffler, exhaust pipe, diesel pump, diesel line, installation accessories, wire looms for control and pump. All you need is a tank or connection to a existing tank.

Input Voltage: 12V
Power Consumption: 6 to 31watt
Heating Performance: 0.9 – 2.2kW
Airflow Volume: >105m3/h
Fuel Consumption: 0.10 – 0.28l/h
Dimensions: W115 x H122 xD 310
Weight: 2.7kg

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