Steering Cable – Quick Connect


Seatstar SSC62 Quick Connect Steering Cable – Cable connects to helm with a quick connect hand pin that is easy to remove and replace, No tools required to connect cable to helm. Standard 7/8″ thread to suit tilt tube and stainless steel ferrule and tube. 3/8″ (9.8mm) diameter hole. Length is measured from helm insert to nut plus 450mm. Y + 450mm = cable length.

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9 Ft (2.74m)$129.90CETSQC-9
10 Ft (3.05m)$139.90CETSQC-10
11 Ft (3.35M)$149.90CETSQC-11
12 Ft (3.66m)$154.90CETSQC-12
13 Ft (3.96m)$159.90CETSQC-13
14 Ft (4.27m)$164.90CETSQC-14
15 Ft (4.57m)$169.90CETSQC-15
16 Ft (4.88m)$179.90CETSQC-16
17 Ft (5.18m)$184.90CETSQC-17
18 Ft (5.49m)$189.90CETSQC-18
19 Ft (5.79m)$194.90CETSQC-19
20 Ft (6.10m)$199.90CETSQC-20
21 Ft (6.40m)$219.90CETSQC-21
22 Ft (6.71m)$229.90CETSQC-22
23 Ft (7.01m)$239.90CETSQC-23
24 Ft (7.32m)$249.90CETSQC-24
25 Ft (7.62m)$269.90CETSQC-25