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Webasto AIRTOP 2000 Diesel Heater RV Kit (MuliControl)


Webasto air heating systems are the ultimate choice when it comes to heating your leisure vehicle’s interior efficiently and economically. The light weight and compact air heaters are easy and quick to install and can be used even whilst driving to ensure you and your passengers arrive at your destination in a pre-warmed vehicle.

Offers excellent 2.0kw heat output and optimal economy, that within a short time, generates pleasantly cozy warmth in your vehicle. The heater operates quietly and consumes very little electrical power and fuel, ensuring that you enjoy constant, cozy warmth on board, where ever you choose to rest.

The MultiControl is ideal for all those who wish to have controlled temperatures at regularly scheduled times. Operate your Webasto parking heater conveniently and intuitively with the state-of-the art new MultiControl preset timer. The MultiControl sets new standards in terms of its modern design and user-friendliness that allows for fast and intuitive operation. You can program up to three start times per day for your heater.

Kits have high quality parts and accessories including AT2000STC Heater, programmable MultiController, floor bracket, 1mt air ducting, vents, exhaust muffler/pipe, diesel pump/line, installation accessories, wire looms for control and pump. All you need is a tank or connection to a existing tank.

Input Voltage: 12V
Power Consumption: 14 to 29watt
Heating Performance: 0.9 – 2.0kW
Ducting Size: 60mm
Airflow Volume: >93m3/h
Fuel Consumption: 0.12 – 0.24l/h
Dimensions: L310 x W120 x H121
Weight: 2.6kg

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