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Tamar Marine Fishing Report – 14th July 2021


Species:  Bluefin Tuna.

The Bluefin are quiet but still hanging around St Helens, with a couple tagged on Saturday off the shelf and a 60kg caught Sunday. Skirted Lures and Halco Laser Pro’s in King Brown still the go to lures.


Species:  Stripeys, Blue Eye & Gemfish.

Reports of Stripeys being caught over the weekend, using Squid as bait and in approximately 100 metres of water off of Eddystone Point. Out off the shelf, Blue Eye and Gemfish were being reeled in off electric reels.


Species:  Nannygai, Morwong, Snapper & Whiting.

Off the coast of Devonport Nannygai, Morwong and Snapper are being caught on Slow Pitch Jigs. The technique of slow pitch jigging is becoming a popular way to catch a mixed bag. The key is to look for shallow off shore reefs where bait fish are holding. Whiting also being caught in the area, in shallow sandy floors on Hayabusa Whiting Rigs with fresh squid.


Species:  King George Whiting.

The King George Whiting are still around in the Kelso Flats are. Sandy patches in between the weed beds are where you will most likely land one. Hayabusa Whiting Rigs are a must have if you are fishing the Tamar.


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