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Tamar Marine Fishing Report – 21st April 2021


Species:  Bluefin Tuna.

The Tamar Marine weekly fishing report is starting to sound a bit repetitive the past couple of weeks, but what can you say. Eaglehawk Neck is having a stellar run of Bluefin Tuna this year with plenty of Barrels still being caught.

Small skirted lures and Halco Laser pros all landing their fair share of fish.


Species:  Bluefin Tuna.

Both Anglers and the Big Barrel Bluefin ventured further up the coast over the weekend with plenty of big Bluefin action off the coast of St Helens.


Species:  Calamari Squid.

The trip out to Musselroe Bay was well worth it for anglers with some thumping Calamari being caught. Hopefully they start to make their way around the North of the state.


Species:  Brown and Rainbow Trout.

As winter fast approaches Lake Leake has been fishing well. Most inland fisheries will close on the 2nd of May, so now is the time to head out for a last minute fish.

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