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Tamar Marine Fishing Report – 21st July 2021


Species:  Flathead.

The Coastline from Bridport to Waterhouse was a haven for Flathead anglers over the past week with some great catches reported. With all the rain the past week you may want to consider heading slightly further offshore to increase your chances. Jig Em Rigs and fresh bait rigs the methods of choice.


Species:  King George Whiting.

The King George Whiting was the go to fish once again for anglers down the mouth of the river with some nice fish being caught. Hayabusa Whiting Rigs as we say most weeks the best way to catch a feed. Sandy Flats in amongst the weed and if your not having much luck try moving closer to the channel to avoid some of the fresh water from the rain this past week.


Species:  Striped Trumpeter.

Some epic Striped Trumpeters caught off Schouten Island over the past week. You have just over 1 month left to try your luck on the Stripeys, with the Season closing for a couple of months on September 1st.  

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