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Tamar Marine Fishing Report – 24th March 2021


Species:  Striped Trumpeter and Bluefin Tuna.

It’s not often we hear reports from the rugged West Coast of Tasmania, but those lucky enough to live down that way have been having a great run of Stripey Trumpeters as well as catching the odd Bluefin Tuna making its way up the West Coast.


Species:  Kingfish.

The reports of Kingfish catches have started to dwindle over the past few weeks, but anglers who are still putting in the time and effort are being rewarded with some good fish caught over the past week in the Coles Bay area.


Species:  Striped Marlin, Striped Tuna, Broadbill Swordfish.

Plenty of fish sighted on the East Coast but not a lot hooked. Striped Marlin and schools of Striped Tuna sighted on the shelf, but the weather hampered many anglers from heading out to chase them.

If trolling around the ocean isn’t your thing but still want some big fish action, then deep sea fishing for Broadbill Sword might be worth a crack with another large fish caught over the past week.

A Large overhead reel, a lot of braided line and a specialised swordfish rig all required to land one of these deep water beasts.

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