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Tamar Marine Fishing Report – 28th April 2021


Species:  Bluefin Tuna.

The Tom Jenkins Classic was held Friday and Saturday. An impressive turn out of over 50 boats lined up to try their luck at taking out the trophy. The elusive barrels were hard to find however plenty of schoolies were caught.


Species:  Bluefin Tuna, Kingfish.

The Bluefin action is slowly starting to make its way up the coast with a couple of barrels being hooked over the past week. For those not wanting to head outside the bay, then there is plenty of Kingfish hanging around the channel markers within Georges Bay.


Species:  Australian Salmon.

Whilst having a boat certainly gives you an advantage around Tasmania there is always somewhere for land locked anglers to fish. Four Mile Creek located south of Scamander is a great place to try your hand at surf fishing with anglers hauling some great catches of Australian Salmon over the weekend.


Species:  Brown and Rainbow Trout.

With the exception of a few rivers and lakes, the 2020-2021 Trout season draws to a close on Sunday the 2nd of May, giving you 3 days to head out and get your Trout fix.

There is a select few Rainbow Trout fisheries that have a extended opening season, Mackintosh and Rosebery Lakes and the lower section of Brumbys Creek, Macquarie, Meander and South Esk rivers. These fisheries are open until the 30th of May.

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