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Tamar Marine Fishing Report – 7th April 2021

A mixed bag of weather over the Easter weekend produced a mixed bag of angling results.


Species:  Bluefin, Yellowfin and Albacore Tuna.

The long weekend gave anglers plenty of opportunity to make the journey down to Eaglehawk Neck where the Bluefin barrels have been on the run.

Plenty of fish hooked over the 4 day weekend, how ever, landing them proving difficult with many fish either lost to the Seals or the hooks pulled during the fight.

** Update – Wednesday 9am, A couple of special Bluefin Barrels caught over night and a huge Yellowfin Tuna landed this morning out off the Hypolites! **

Eaglehawk Neck wasn’t the only place for Bluefin, with fish being marked all the way up the coast to St Helens.

Breaking up the Bluefin were schools of Albacore Tuna all up and down the coast, providing plenty of action for anglers.


Species:  Kingfish.

Kingfish being caught both in Georges Bay as well as offshore. If you are cruising around the open ocean and spot some kelp floating on the surface, it may pay to pull up and cast some lures as there may be some Kingfish lurking below.

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